Roundtable discussions with foreign investment partners


“WHY SHOULD INVESTORS PAY ATTENTION TO MONGOLIA” ROUNDTABLE MEETING 2016.11.25. Төрийн ордон / Government House 13.00-13.30 Хурлын бүртгэл/ Registration 13.30-14.00   Нээлтийн үг/ Opening remarks Ж.Эрдэнэбат/ Erdenebat J. Монгол улсын ерөнхий сайд / Prime minister of Mongolia 14.00-14.20 Илтгэл: Эрдэс баялагийн салбарт баримтлах бодлого, төсөл хөтөлбөрүүд Presentation: Government policies to be implemented under Mining sector and projects Ц.Дашдорж/ Dashdorj Ts. Уул уурхай, хүнд үйлдвэрийн сайд / Minister ...



 2016.11.28 – 2016.12.01 With a 13 year history, Mines and Money London is Europe’s largest mining investment conference and exhibition, bringing together over 2,500 attendees from 75 countries, approximately 900 investment and financial companies, and about 900 representatives of mining companies every year to discuss impending challenges, trends and objectives. The upcoming 2016 conference is distinctive ...

Ашиглалтын тусгай зөвшөөрөл эзэмшигч болон баяжуулах, боловсруулах үйлдвэрүүдийн анхааралд


“Ашигт малтмал ашиглах үйл ажиллагааны /уулын ажлын/ төлөвлөгөө, тайлан, сар, долоо хоногийн мэдээ”-г цахимаар хүлээн авах болсонтой холбогдуулан ашиглалтын тусгай зөвшөөрөл эзэмшигчид болон баяжуулах боловсруулах үйлдвэрүүдийн инженерүүдэд зориулан сургалт зохион байгуулах гэж байна. Сургалт 2016 оны 06 дугаар  сарын 03, 04-ний өдрүүдийн 09.00 болон 13.00 цагуудад Оранж төв (Тэнгис кино театрын хойд талд) –д ҮНЭ ТӨЛБӨРГҮЙ ...



Effective from February 08 to 15, the Mineral Resources Authority is announcing the suspension of transportation for explosive devices and compounds intended for mining and/or exploration. To maintain mining production schedules, MRAM advises to transport necessary stockpiles in advance, while ensuring tightened security throughout the Tsgaan Sar holidays. You may view the official notice below.

Announcement to all mining license holders and mineral producers


As per Article 48.6 in the Minerals Law, and by MRAM General Director’s Order № a/98 “Guidelines for receiving mining operation reports,” MRAM is hereby reminding all mining license holders and mineral producers to submit their annual reports for the year 2015 by February 15, 2016. Download the Guidelines for receiving mining operation reports here Download the ...