MRAM updates cadastre management software




DSC_0110After several months of research and programming work, Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia has updated its Computerized Mining Cadastre System (CMCS). The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Resources (BGR/Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Germany) and MRAM joined forces to update and adapt the CMCS so it conforms to requirements imposed by the amendment of the Minerals Law of 2014 and other recent regulatory adjustments.

New functions of the CMCS enable provincial administrators to manage applications and licenses in the context of the Law on Common Minerals through a modern, web-based information system, avoiding problems of applications and licenses overlapping with protected areas or with previously granted licenses. Now MRAM will be instantly informed about new applications/licenses registered or granted by provinces, reducing the previously required time for exchanging documents through mail.

On Monday, February 29 and Tuesday, March 1, 25 officers from provincial administrations received two days of accelerated training for the changes in CMCS. With the implementation of the updated version of the program, the granting processes and management of mining licenses for common minerals such as sand, gravel and stone is sped up and has become more transparent.

The contract for the programming work was awarded to GAF AG, a German company specialized in Geo-Data Services. The modernization of CMCS is part of a customized Integrated Data Management System tailored for MRAM and is part of a Technical Cooperation Project implemented by MRAM and BGR, funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

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